Salon der Levenskunst

Argentine Tango and Constellations – Deepen your passion!

The inspiration of the combination of Tango and Constellation work started last year summer when Annemieke van der Mooren, followed a summer course Tango by Ezequiel and Lydia.
She encountered into several systemic themes in dance and in the surrounding of the Tango.

This week we will work intensive. With Tango itself and we will work with what touches you when dancing or at the Milonga.

see how they work and dance:  Ezequiel Zanucci et Lydia Muller de Tango Now & Trasnoche Trío

Monday evening we start with a circle together. After that there will be is short lesson ‘walking’and a milonga after that.

Every morning we start with a warming-up for the body, followed by a workshop constellation work.

We will work with themes as masculine and feminine, the dynamics between them.
Several forms of leading and following, What is your style? Why? And what do you need to explore another style?

Dancing with other partners but your own.
Choose and being chosen.
There will be a program for the first morning. The other mornings we will work with themes brought in by the group members.


Every afternoon there will be tango lessons, one for starters and one for (more) experience dancers.
The focus in the lessons is dance, but you can bring in the themes we worked with in the morning and observe what triggers you, to bring that in, next morning.
At the end of the lessons, you can dance for half an hour to practice what you’ve learned in the lessons.
For extra personal attention, you can book a private session with Lydia of Ezequiel.

Every evening Tango Salon, dance, dance, dance.
Open Milonga on Thursday night at 21 h.

23 – 27 April 2018

Start Monday at 17h, End Saturday at 11h.

It is possible to come earlier or leave later, in consultation with Gisèle


Prices course and accommodation
Stay (5 nights) and meals and other facilities (dance floor, pool, park etc)

In your own tent €675,-pp
In the Yurt €725,-pp

° only if 4 people subscribe)

2 persons room €795,- pp

Luxury 2 persons room €850 pp

Registration Contact Gisèle by mail
Write your Name,
(in case of you come together: Who you are coming with)
– If you are a starter or a more experienced tango dancer.

– If you are a leader or a follower

-If you are known with constellation work.


You are very welcome!

* Annemieke van der Mooren: Constellations

She accompanies with love and humour and is not afraid of depth.

* Lydia and Ezequiel: Tango

With pleasure and passion, they give dynamic organic lessons in traditional, Neo tango and Contact tango.