Salon der Levenskunst

Manoir du Chagnot

Manoir du Chagnot, the ideal place to relax and recharge, is situated in the stunning natural environment of the Burgundy in France.

The 300 year old mansion lies on top of a hill, shielded from the outside world, embedded in the green landscape. Both the location and the unique atmosphere of this characteristic house are an invitation to fully relax. As soon as you enter the gate of the Manoir, you feel the tranquility and serenity it radiates; as if you enter another world. Once the gate closes, you leave behind the outside world and feel as if you arrived ‘home’.

The oldest part of the house was built as maison de maître under the supervision of Vauban, marshal in France under King Louis XIV and his military architect.

In the nineteenth century the De St. Aubin family added the south wing, with two towers, cellars, the salon and a few more bedrooms on the first floor. Since that time the domain can be rightfully called ‘Manoir’. During the twentieth century, the Chambaudoin d’Erceville family saved the house from decay.

In 2003 the previous owners decided for a complete renovation of the house, after which it served as Chambre d’hôtes until 2013.

Since januari 2015 the house is managed by Gisèle Lievens; psychotherapist, craniosacral therapist and mindfulness coach. The house now has a new destination as: ‘Salon of Life Art’.