Salon der Levenskunst


At a 10 minute drive from the estate, you will find the well known ‘Canal du Nivernais’, with ample opportunity to walk, cycle, canoe and fish.

Cozy markets

Close to the Manoir you can discover and enjoy several beautiful villages and small cities. You can buy regional products on the weekly markets. Local wine growers proudly offer their wines to taste and, obviously, to buy.

If enough people are interested, we can organise a wine tasting evening at the Manoir. You will discover a fine selection of wine, rosé and cremant from the region. Just as well, strolling around without having to do anything at all can be a delight!

During the weekends and in holidays, authentic flea markets offer another cosy occasion to visit the neighbouring villages.

Beaune: Burgundy’s wine capital

From the Manoir, it is easy to reach Burgundy’s wine capital Beaune, as well as the city of Avallon and Vézelays (world heritage venue). Beaune, a small city with 23.000 inhabitants, is well worth visiting. The walled city center is well preserved and a joy for the eye. Walking on top of the city walls, you will be impressed by its fortified towers. You will be able to look down upon the 15th and 16th century mansions. The Hôtel-Dieu, with its renowned and stunning mosaic roof, is one of the highlights. But just as well it is the cosy city center that attracts so many to Beaune.

Beaune Market

There is a famous Saturday market in Beaune. Surrounding the market there are plenty cosy terraces and restaurants to enjoy. And plenty little shops to discover.

Vezelay world heritage

Vézelay is on the Unesco world heritage list. And fair enough: high on its hilltop, the Sainte Marie-Madeleine basilica is a stunning sight. Nowadays, Vézelay is a tourist attraction where writers and artists have left their signature. In the main street you will find a variety of small businesses in antique, art and curiosities. The house of the deceased writer Romain-Rolland nowadays hosts the Zervos museum. It shows paintings and sculptures of 20th century artists such as Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky and Giacometti.

Other attractions

Other places to visit: the Buddhist center Palden shangpa in La Boulaye.

Buddhist temple in La Boulaye

Fear of flying but still dreaming of a retreat in a buddhist temple? Even this is possible in the Burgundy. Over 40 years ago, in 1974, the buddhist center Paldenshangpa was established in La Boulaye. Since then, hidden in Burgundy’s sloping hillsides, you can suddenly come across a buddhist temple.

Temple of a thousand Buddhas

We enjoyed visiting the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas, an impressive structure that has been built arisen on the estate. The original castle has been literally and figuratively pushed to the background. The temple consists of three levels which represent the body, the word and the spirit of all the Buddhas. It was built under supervision of a Tibetan Lama and a French architect and inducted in 1987.

The garden and terraces are decorated by the brightly coloured flags characterising Buddhist buildings. Walk seven rounds around the stupa and spin the prayer wheel. Show respect while doing this, as it is a religious location. Inside the center, the atmosphere is easygoing with many volunteers participating in the household, doing their daily chores. The Temple of a Thousand Buddhas may not be a typical Burgundy experience, but it does show the region’s versatility.

Changemois: the gotic art project of Donald Russell

In Changemois, 90 year old Donald Russell and his son are building a castle according to the methods and principles of the Gothic Golden Rule. This dedicated man has personally carved every stone, drawn and built every architectural detail. In return for a guided tour, a small contribution is asked that will be used to finish the project.

More information is available at the Manoir, including folders and maps of the region.

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