Salon der Levenskunst

Psychological guidance

In the Manoir du Chagnot you can receive private consult psychological guidance, on appointment only. If you are a long term resident in our house, you can book your appointment during your stay as well.

I am a member of the professional association Flemish Association of Conceptual Interaction Therapists and have signed its deontological code. This code of conduct serves as a quality guarantee and as protection of the integrity of my clients.

Pricing consultation

  • Individual
    €60 – 1h
  • Couples therapy
    €75 –  1:15h
  • Stroll coaching session
    €120 – 2h

“I believe in the power of Love.”

You were born to be whole, to love and to be loved.

My most important instrument: to make you feel and let flow the heart energy, as a gateway to Higher Awareness.

Connection is my key.

Love was the beginning and love still is the answer to everything.

Love begins here and now with yourself.

Come, the world is waiting for you!

“I invite you to make the journey from your head to your body and your heart on the wings and wisper of your soul.”

– Gisèle

Education and training

  • Psychotherapist in Conceptual Interaction, Educational Academy Berchem
  • Life Coach Intuitive Development and Energetic Counseling, Timotheus Project Affligem
  • Training awareness and energy work energy master Michel Barnett The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Milan
  • Training and retreats awareness raising and giving meaning, Lama Tulku Lobsang
  • Student of Lama Tulku Lobsang, Tibetan Yoga and Yuru Yoga
  • Trainings in sexuality and intimacy, Center for Tantra Amsterdam and the Love Mystery school of Osho Leela
  • Dharma exploration & vipassana for MBSR & MBCT teachers, Christina Feldman & Prof. Dr. John Teasdale
  • Specialisation Working with family and system constellations, Educational Academy Berchem
  • Cranio-sacral therapy, Peirsman Institute Ghent and Bussum
  • International tantric massage therapist advanced training, Somananda and Liisa Maimon Germany
  • Tantric sexuality retreat, Somananda and Liisa Maimon Belgium
  • Initiations in the female sexuality Marleen Janssen and Reinoud Eleveld
  • International tantra massage therapist training by Somananda Moses Maimon and Liisa Maimon