Salon der Levenskunst


It is not unusual that at a certain moment in your life you don’t really know what is next. An intake consultation will help clear out what moves you into looking for guidance.


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Like a silkworm you have woven yourself in a cocoon. Who will save you? Break out of your cocoon and step out as a beautiful butterfly, a free spirit.

– Swami Vivekananda

My core vision is Conceptual Interaction, a contemporary form of integrative psychotherapy. There is no one way, approach or interpretation that works for everyone, because every person is unique! The variety of trainings that shaped me help me to offer you the approach that serves you best at that moment.

The sessions work on several levels: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. For you are human only when your head, heart, body and soul are connected to each other. Choosing to come here for guidance is a radical act of standing up for yourself. Specialisations: trauma processing, sexuality issues and relation therapy.